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Steel mesh consists of a web-like structure from welded alloyed steel lengths joined together to form a barrier or net. In addition, it is woven into a criss-cross pattern that is frequently very small. The mesh is durable and can withstand a variety of situations. It comes in a range of shapes and sizes. As a result, there are numerous applications for the wire mesh material known as steel mesh. Numerous industries employ this kind of mesh because it has great resistance to corrosion. It is extensively employed in the transportation, horticulture, industrial, agricultural, and food procurement industries. Read More…

Steel Mesh Mesh and wire cloth made of standard steel is inexpensive, tough, temperature resistant and fares well over long periods of time.
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Leading Manufacturers

Hanover, PA  |  800-232-3332

We’ve been a leading manufacturer and distributor of wire cloth/mesh for 70 years, sourcing and stocking North America’s largest selection of wire cloth products – over 5000 in our warehouse. We offer processing capabilities such as precision cutting, calendering, heat treating, cleaning and coating and weave domestically most alloys including brass, copper, Hastelloy, Monel and others into ...

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Gerard Daniel Worldwide $$$

Mukwonago, WI  |  262-363-6120

Banker Wire is your quality-driven manufacturing partner for woven and welded wire mesh used in architectural and industrial applications. Our manufacturing expertise has been refined for over a century, bringing unmatched customization, quality, and service to our customers. Our products embody our commitment to providing the widest variety of wire cloth at an unbeatable value. Nowhere else will ...

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Banker Wire $$$

Morrisville, PA  |  800-523-0575

For over 45 years, UWC has supplied quality mesh products for numerous industries with distinct applications. We maintain an extensive inventory of woven & welded wire cloth specifications. Also, our weaving capabilities allow us to manufacture various wire mesh styles. Our fabrication services comprise shearing, slitting and stamping options. In addition, we produce baskets, trays, cylinders,...

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Universal Wire Cloth Company $$$

Gilbert, AZ  |  800-332-6463

Unified Screening & Crushing is a woven wire cloth & fine wire mesh manufacturer and fabricator. We make galvanized and stainless steel wire cloth (plus other alloys). Our wire cloth includes market grade, slotted screen, space cloth and square mesh. Several types of wire weave and hooks are offered.

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Unified Screening & Crushing $$$

Nashville, TN  |  800-448-2125

Nashville Wire Products manufactures wire mesh as well as wire decking, containers and shelving. We offer a wide range of wire mesh sizes, gauges and configurations to meet your exacting requirements. We have provided quality products and services to industries with varying application needs since 1934.

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Nashville Wire Products Inc. $$$

Buffalo, NY  |  800-828-7028

Offering a range of quality perforated metal, urethane & wire cloth products for industrial manufacturing, Buffalo Wire Works’ patented screens are designed for tight tolerance performance. Vibratory replacement screens, stainless steel screens & wire mesh for various metal screening applications.

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Buffalo Wire Works $$$
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Stainless Steel Steel Mesh

Types of Steel Mesh

GBW - Galvanized Before Welded

Galvanized wire strands are used to create the GBW fence and mesh. Galvanized before welded mesh is made from wire coated with zinc and then woven into a fabric. Any gauge of wire can be utilized. After being pulled down to its ultimate diameter, the wire is coated with zinc. The wires are subsequently joined by welding or weaving. This process changes the wire at the welded connection where the wires cross as the zinc's protective coating is burned off at these areas during the welding process.

Galvanized Before Welded Steel Mesh

A clean, even coating is applied to the wire’s entire surface using multiple wiping stations, resulting in flexible joints and simple installation.

Galvanized Before Welded Fencing

Galvanized After Welded

Galvanized after welded (GAW) wire is created by soaking previously welded mesh into a tub of molten zinc once the wires have been knitted together. As a result, the entire mesh or fence, including the welding point, is thoroughly sealed and protected against rust and corrosion.

Galvanized After Welded Steel Mesh

A wire mesh galvanized after welding will persist for many years. The thick galvanizing completely encapsulates the wires and shields them from rust and corrosion. Hexagonal netting and small mesh hardware cloth fall under this category's typical items. These meshes and fences are helpful for bird pens and enclosures, as problem wildlife barriers, crayfish and crab traps, and other applications where rust avoidance and long life are sought.

GAW Mesh

Vinyl Coated Welded and Woven

A vinyl coating is "bonded" to a heated, well-cleaned wire mesh through a precise, specialized procedure to produce this mesh form. A strong, smooth, long-lasting coating without pinholes or thin patches is produced by this unique method. Here, the wire and vinyl coating unite as one.

Vinyl Coated Welded and Woven

Chicken wire is a commonly known form of vinyl coated (VC) fencing. It consists of a 1" hexagonal woven wire mesh and has a 20 gauge core wire. There are numerous advantages to this form of steel mesh. We examine these benefits below.

Meshes with Vinyl Coatings are more Resilient

  • The galvanized wire beneath is sealed by the vinyl coating, which provides additional rust protection.
  • Compared to galvanized wire, a coated wire will survive much longer.

Fences with Vinyl Coating Look Nicer

  • An otherwise plain galvanized mesh may receive numerous colors available from the vinyl coating.
  • A wire fence with vinyl coating will enhance a property.
  • Black is nearly undetectable from a distance and won't interfere with the view.

Wire Covered in Vinyl is Safer

  • Wires are cushioned by vinyl.
  • The top and bottom of the fence are further protected and sealed by vinyl, as are any areas with sharp edges.
  • The fence presents a lesser danger of injury, making it safer for animals and people.

Fencing with a Vinyl Coating is Cost-Effective

  • Utilizing a welded or woven fence with a vinyl coating lessens the replacement frequency.
  • The less frequent need for repairs and replacement of this material will result in greater labor and material savings, offsetting the higher initial cost.

Stainless Steel Mesh

A stainless-steel mesh is a web-like structure made of welded lengths of alloyed steel joined together. Because of its strong corrosion resistance, this kind of mesh is popular across various sectors. Stainless steel is a steel alloy with good formability, drawing, and machining properties. As a result, it's a well-liked material for several fabrications, including metal sheeting and wire mesh items.

Stainless Steel Steel Mesh

Every stainless steel alloy has a different combination of qualities and attributes. However, the following are some of the main characteristics of a stainless steel:

  • Durability: Stainless steel is a sturdy, long-lasting metal that can withstand mechanical harm.
  • Chemical Resistance: Due to its resistance to oxidation and corrosion, this alloy is an excellent option for filters and other products that will come into contact with chemicals and water. Its relatively low carbon content further reduces its susceptibility to corrosion. As a result, even saltwater and oxidizing acids won't harm it.
  • Workability: Stainless steel is incredibly formable, simple to manufacture and shape, and easy to clean without harm. It can be safely sanitized using various techniques, including dry vapor and steam cleaning.
  • Strength and Mechanical Resistance: Stainless steel is renowned for its ability to withstand impacts, perform well, and maintain its physical properties in low-temperature settings. Stainless steel has no iron and is not magnetic.

Choosing the Correct Steel Mesh Supplier

To ensure you have the most positive outcome when purchasing steel mesh from a steel mesh supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of steel mesh suppliers. Each steel mesh supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each steel mesh business using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple steel mesh companies with the same form.

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